About Us 

formed in 2016 Scattered Sunn is Erik von Gohren Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar; Jamey Roberts Lead Guitar/Vocals; Doug Baer Rhythm Guitar; Joe Andrews Bass Guitar/Vocals; and Russ Schuh Drums/Percussion.

scattered sunn influences come from Seattle’s own legendary groups pearl jam, nirvana, alice n chains, and soundgarden. the band has also been influenced by legendary musicians/groups  jimi hendrix, Cream, The rolling stones, Neil young, bob seger,  Led Zeppelin, Van halen, talking heads, Tom petty, and daruis rucker. These are only a handful of influences that span more than 75 years of rock n roll history.

scattered sunn plays private parties, and public venues in and around the Seattle area and Washington state at large. they are also currently working towards its first demo release in the future.

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